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In 1999, Adventis, events planner, entrusted me with the creation and maintenance of its first website. This is the 3rd one..

Open Art World
President of this artistic collective, I am also in charge of the creation and the maintenance of the website and social media.

Fous de Bassin
Website (design & logo by aksadesign) and Facebook page, footage by Guillaume Bonnaud (Bordeaux). Online marketing. Forecast : responsive website in 3 languages for upcoming season.

Work in progress :
New website for Watt4You - responsive
New responsive website for l'Art d'Ici - training for maintenance.

A few significant dates

: First html websites with Inside, one of the first French web agencies.

1996 : Still with Inside, during a 10-days artistic events, we created « The Ephemeral Gazette », first french webzine with real live online (One image every 15 seconds :)

 : Co-founded « Parisphérique », a bilingual touristic webzine about the "Hidden Paris" with texts, sounds and images.

1999 : Co-founded « Transversales », multimedia press agency in Marseilles, specialized in creation and management of multimedia contents.

2006 : Seven years later, Transversales is officially closed and she went on her professional road as a freelance, until this day.